Indiewire: Fact or Fiction?

Lynne recently took part in a panel discussion at IFP Film Week in NYC called “Neorealist Features & Hybrid Documentaries” along with David Wilson of the True/False Festival, and filmmakers Lotfy Nathan, Damon Russell, & Tim Sutton. Paula Bernstein of Indiewire recapped the panel in her article here: Fact or Fiction? Neorealist Features and Hybrid […]

Interview: The Brooklyn Rail

Lynne recently met with Karen Rester of the Brooklyn Rail to talk “Your Day is My Night”, the hybrid doc process, and UC Berkeley ’92. The Brooklyn Rail September 4, 2013 In Conversation: Lynne Sachs with Karen Rester When the experimental filmmaker Lynne Sachs taught avant-garde filmmaking at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1992, […]

Interview: Cinevue Cinema Spotlight

Cinema Spotlight on “Your Day is My Night” by Lesley Yiping Qin, Cinevue, Asian Cinevision In How the Other Half Lives (1890), the seminal book of photojournalism, Jacob Riis documented in his pictures the living condition inside the cramped “shift-bed” houses at the Lower East Side, where immigrants shared beds to minimize lodging expenses. “The metropolis is […]