Video: CUNY TV Segment on Shift Beds

Yun Xiu Huang was recently featured in a segment of CUNY TV’s Asian American Life and he talks about coming to the United States, living in NYC and also the experience of working with Lynne to make Your Day is My Night. The segment features clips from the film and also an interview with Lynne. […]

Review: Educational Media Reviews Online

A recent review by Linda Yau of the Bronx Community College Library: When the cost of living is about 60% of an individual’s wages, then living frugal is an option for people. Your Day Is My Night is a hybrid documentary following the lives of seven working-class Chinese immigrants who live in apartments that has […]

Review: Maine International Film Festival

The Kennebec Journal posted this lovely review of the film after it screened at the Maine International Film Festival in early July. MIFF Movie Review: Your Day is My Night by J.P. Devine – July 15th, 2014 Lynne Sachs has spent 25 years of her young life making films, installations and documentaries from Vietnam to […]

Video: BBC Talking Movies

Highlights of the Tribeca Film Festival were featured on the BBC’s Talking Movies program, and Your Day is My Night got a shout out as well from fellow filmmaker Keith Miller (Welcome to Pine Hill, Five Star) when discussing the contemporary push towards hybrid filmmaking. Check it out!

Review: Anthropology Review Database

A recent review of the film in the Anthropology Review Database By Jack David Eller April 3, 2014 For decades if not centuries, immigrants to America have ended up in crowded tenements in urban neighborhoods, and they have paid ‘coyotes’ and ‘snakeheads’ for the privilege. It is quite stunning to think that in the twenty-first […]

Leading DVD Sales at Cinema Guild

Educational and Institutional DVDs of Your Day is My Night are currently available through our distributor, The Cinema Guild. We’re happy to announce that the film has led their non-theatrical DVD sales for the past two months.  Thank you to everyone who’s purchased a DVD, and thanks to those who continue to spread the good […]