Review: “The Nation” magazine

“Hollywood Ending?” by Stuart Klawans, The Nation, (March 11/18 2013) “February in New York City brings the Documentary Fortnight program at the Museum of Modern Art, which this year included the world premiere of a remarkable project titled Your Day Is My Night by Lynne Sachs. In January 2011, Sachs began working with middle-aged and elderly residents of […]

Feature: “The World Journal” on University Settlement Performances

Film Looks at New Yorkers Who Take Turns Sharing a Bed By Ai Shen Wong and Yee Shin Du in The World Journal October 24, 2012 Translated by Connie Yik Kong in Voices of New York Directed by Lynne Sachs, the film “Your Day is My Night,” presents the harsh lives of Chinese immigrants who […]

Feature: The Lo-Down Magazine

Your Day is My Night: An Inside Look at New York’s “Shift-Bed” Residents by Giacinta Frisillo, The Lo Down, News from the Lower East Side, October 9th 2012 They are living right here on the Lower East Side but most of us are oblivious to the existence, let alone the daily travails, of New York’s […]

Network Access Control in Linux

Network access control is the act of keeping unauthorized users and devices out of a private network. The act of deny(1) is the result of overriding the authentication method. It’s not a hard thing to do. Remember that Novell as a company is known to have subverted the US system and allow Linux in the […]