Review: Meniscus Magazine

Meniscus Magazine has published terrific coverage of “We Landed/I Was Born/Passing By: New York’s Chinatown on Screen”, a program curated by Lesley Yiping Qin, Xin Zhou, Bo Wang, and Lynne Sachs screening this weekend at Anthology Film Archives.  Here’s an excerpt from the piece about Your Day is My Night, screening Sunday the 26th at 7:30pm.

Chinatown on Screen: An artful view of an iconic NYC neighborhood
By Christopher Bourne – January 24th, 2014

Many modes of expression are combined in Lynne Sachs’ “Your Day is My Night” (2013), an extraordinary hybrid of documentary, performance and theatrical monologues that began its life as a series of live performances in Chinatown and other areas of the city. The film is set in a Chinatown “shift-bed” apartment, where the residents, mostly migrant immigrants, rent shared beds among people who work different hours of the day. The performers are Chinese non-professional actors – ranging in age from their 50’s to their 70’s – playing themselves and performing monologues based on their own stories. The cast also includes a Puerto Rican actress, whose interactions with the Chinese actors lend richness to the performances. “Your Day is My Night” is a poetic evocation of the experiences of Chinese immigrants, with rich visual textures; the often intimate, close-up camerawork is shot on HD digital video, 16mm and Super-8 film. The uses of urban space, familial relationships born out of shared historical and personal experiences, China’s turbulent past which created these communities in America, childhood memories and personal aspirations, all find expression in these stories which are deeply affecting and movingly performed.