Review: Memphis’ Bloodshot Eye Blog

Sharing a blurb from John Beifuss’ review of the third day of the Indie Memphis Film Festival published on Commercial Appeal’s The Bloodshot Eye blog.

Indie Memphis Film Festival 2013, Day Three (Excerpt)
By John Beifuss on November 1, 2013

Memphis-born Lynne Sachs hosts this screening of what may be the most accessible and emotionally affecting to date of her signature experimental documentaries; the film introduces viewers to a world they likely otherwise would never encounter, the culture of closet-sized “shift-bed” tenement apartments in New York’s Chinatown, where day workers — many brought to America illegally by the Chinese smugglers known as “snakeheads” — share rent with night workers, occupying beds in shifts that mirror the shifts of their paid jobs. The mood is mysterious yet illuminating in that it makes us aware of the seemingly endless variety of “lifestyles” (to use an awful word) that exist within these “united” states.