BBC: ‘Your Day is My Night’ named one of eight films to watch in 2014

Tom Brook of the BBC recently named Your Day is My Night as one of eight films to check out in 2014 writing,

“Director Lynne Sachs’ Your Day is My Night shines a light on a little documented sub-culture in New York’s Chinatown, chronicling immigrants who live communally in buildings where there’s a shift-bed system. One person returns from a stint of overnight work to sleep in a bed just vacated by another person off to their day job. The form of this documentary is as compelling as its content. It is a beautiful collage of different media and music intricately edited together with the often emotional testimony of the immigrants.”

Check out the rest of his recommendations one the BBC’s website, there’s some gems, including Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez’s Manakamana.